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PJBRIVET is a consulting, strategy and events firm created in March 2009 by Pierre-Jacques Brivet, former chief executive of professional industrial organizations, accompanying leaders and public decision-makers in their marketing and commercial strategies and their image shaping communication.


PJBRIVET accompanies businesses in their development (outsourcing, offshoring, sourcing…), their marketing or business strategies and their networking, especially in their international needs.

PJBRIVET accompanies many actors of the professional training, higher education and training sectors in their pedagogical expertise, their syllabi and their activity’s development.

PJBRIVET puts at the exclusive service of decision makers and managers the experience gained since 1996, in its activities of chief executive of professional organizations (employers federations, Union of Industrial and Metal trade, clothing and fashion industries…), in the creation of an agency accompanying SME-VSE in international business, and in his mandates of elected local official.

PJBRIVET develops an individualized and personalized support for

business executives and elected officials, in a medium to long term


Strong international experience

PJBRIVET leads many projects and business trips to Brazil, United States, European Union, Central and Eastern Europe, Baltic countries, Russia, North Africa, Niger, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Cameroon…


“Il se tire de la fréquentation du Monde un merveilleux enseignement”

– Charles-Louis de Montesquieu

With the Lyon-based communication agency Boorbool, our firm chose as our emblem the hummingbird to incarnate its identity and its corporate values. 

Fascinating by their extremely small size, humming-birds are capable of extremely efficient and fast moves, flapping their wings dozens of times per second. 

Independant and highly defensive, humming-birds may be «territorials» or «trappers», covering many territories to cover their needs, living mostly in the air.

Despite its small size, it is a true champion with a surprizing speed.

Independence, speed of action, diversity of territories and globalization are our core values for each of our actions.



Fashion & Design

After being the Fashion and Clothing Rhone-Alps’ Federation (MHRA) chief executive, Pierre-Jacques Brivet is now the Administrator-delegate and the main Advisor to the President of this Federation, which is a regional employers’ union of brands and clothing companies, Member of the French Business Clothing Association (UFIMH), where he wrote the ethical Charter of clothing companies.


Particularly involved in education and vocational training, PJBRIVET is the Chairman of Modalyon / the University of Fashion and Chairman of the teaching Committee of the Fashion Business School SupdeMod in Lyon, which he accompanied for many years. From 2003 to 2011 he was also a member of the board of the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM Paris) created by Mr. Pierre Bergé, co-founder of YSL Couture House.


After many years managing fashion industry trade shows and several international missions, PJBRIVET sold back in 2015 Le Marché de la Mode Vintage in Lyon and he is now organizing the Mode Vintage Fair since November 2014 in New York.


From his experiences of chief executive of industrial branches of workforce and parliamentary assistant, PJBRIVET ensures the institutional relations and acts of influence to accompany its customers in the public markets, their mixed orders and major accounts or for the defense of their categorical interests.


PJBRIVET assists companies in the development of their commercial & financial strategy, auditing, IPO, industrial organization (sourcing, location of activities…).

At a time when lines of banking are out of reach for businesses, markets calling may be a response to the financing of their activities’ development, while managing their future heritage and that of the family’s owner. Contrary to preconceived ideas any company offering real perspectives of growth and development may be concerned, without a minimum turnover…

To allow businesses to answer this question, PJBRIVET bases his financial interventions on a network of banks, investment and financial strategy advisors, many IPOs recognized players, fundraising and fund development capital, to offer his clients a personalized solution best suited to each business owner personal situation and his company’s financial situation.


For many years, PJBRIVET organized professionals events in the fashion industry, education and international trade fairs.

For fifteen years of dual experience, PJBRIVET accompanied fashion industries like fashion lingerie brands on American shows Curve-NY and Curve-NV in New York and Las Vegas, with particular emphasis:

  • on the promotion of participating brands and their visibility;
  • on welcoming buyers and visitors to the trade show in comfortable environments dedicated to business exchanges;
  • on the development of the brand universe of each brand.

PJBRIVET returns in 2014 to the U.S. with the first edition of his very own Mode Vintage Fair in New York (Manhattan).

In 2015, he sold back the Marché de la Mode Vintage, a leading event in Europe, created in Lyon in March 2001 by Modalyon/University of Fashion, which is an annual event dedicated to the vintage fashion and furniture.


Executive management and development of organizations

Fashion and Clothing Rhone-Alps’ Federation, Creation of the international promotion association Modexport…

Consultant on fairs

Marché de la Mode Vintage (Lyon), Empreintes des Marques (Bordeaux), Prêt-à-Porter (Paris), Before by July (Paris), Affaires de Mode (Lyon)…

International accompaniment

Curvexpo fairs (New York and Las Vegas), Fashion Creators Centre in Cameroon, commercial missions for Modexport, Fashion Affairs (New-York), Mode Vintage Fair  (New-York)…

Conferences and animations

Regional Council of Auvergne, ISEG marketing & communication school, National Education, City of Chambon-Feugerolles (42), Lyon II University, Lyon III University, French Union of Clothing Industries (UFIH), SupdeMod school (Lyon), Createch Roanne, University of Fashion (Lyon)…

Strategy and lobby

CMS Bureau Francis Lefebvre (Lyon), Chamber of Trade and Industries of Bordeaux, Collectors SAS (Lyon), Axeaum SAS (CH), Basus SAS (Paris), Ets Coillard – Armorial(Lyon), Ateliers Roland Chaillard (Paris), Zilli SA (Lyon and Paris)…

Main mandates

Chairman of ModalyonUniversity of Fashion (Lyon II), Chairman of the teaching commitee of the Supdemod school (Lyon), Member of the Executive Comity of the Medef Auvergne Rhone-Alps

Administrator of the Technical Centre of Dyeing and Cleaning, Administrator of an APICIL retirement institution, Municipal Councillor of the City of Bron (from 1995 to 2008), Administrator of the French Fashion Institute (from 2005 to 2011), President of the 8th Professional Commission of the Ministry of National Education (from 2007 to 2012).